Cowboy Brand
Meat Sticks

Better Gut Health
For Man’s Best Friend


Cowboy Brand
Meat Sticks

Better Gut Health
For Man’s Best Friend


Intestinal Health in Dogs

Dogs experience intestinal upsets just like their owners and exhibit similar symptoms of diarrhea, gas, bloating and intestinal discomfort. There are many reasons for canine intestinal upsets, but the most common causes of chronic digestive issues in dogs usually involve stress, allergies, immune issues, or a poor gut flora balance.

Maintaining both the composition and diversity of the intestinal microbiome is important for not only intestinal health and  digestion, but also for many aspects of the general health of your pet.

Benefits of Cowboy Brand Healthy Meat Snacks


Supports and Maintains a Balanced Microbiome

Cowboy Brand Meat Sticks are formulated to maintain a balanced and diverse gut microbiome, which is essential for optimal gut health and the overall wellbeing of your pet.

Strong Immune Function

Better gut health can lead to better immune health! A balanced gut microbiome, supported by our product, plays a crucial role in maintaining a strong and responsive immune system in your pet.

Optimum Digestion and Absorption

The prebiotic ingredients and functional fibers in our Cowboy Brand Meat Sticks ensure that your pet experiences optimum nutrient digestion and absorption, leading to better overall health.

Overall Animal Health

With a combination of high-quality ingredients, Cowboy Brand Meat Sticks contribute to the overall health and vitality of your dog, ensuring they stay active and happy.

Step One

Identify signs of intestinal discomfort in your pet, such as diarrhea, gas, or bloating. Always consult with your veterinarian if needed.

Step Two

Incorporate Cowboy Brand Meat Sticks into your pet’s diet as recommended, ensuring they receive the balanced nutrition they need.

Step Three

Observe your pet for improvements in their digestive health, and continue to support them with our healthy and nutritious meat sticks.

Our Meat Sticks Are Made With

Real Food

Our meat sticks are made with real beef and pumpkin, so they’re packed with plenty of protein and fiber to help support your pet’s active lifestyle.

Excell™ Fermentation Product

This lactobacillus fermentation product nurtures and supports the growth of beneficial gut microbiome, optimizing the health of your pet’s intestine.

Sun-Cured Miscanthus Grass

Tested and proven as an exceptional prebiotic, this ingredient plays a vital role in maintaining the intestinal health of dogs.

Yeast Extract

Our formula includes yeast extract, a university-tested ingredient that promotes prebiotic activities beneficial to the intestine and microbiome.

Feeding Recommendations

Dog Weight Snacks per Day
5-15 lbs. 14
20-35 lbs. 12
40-60 lbs. 1
70-90 lbs. 1 14
100-120 lbs. 1 12

For best results, feed Cowboy Brand Healthy Meat Snacks at the rate of one stick per 50‐60 lbs. of body weight each day. Splitting the daily amount and feeding several times daily will provide optimum intestinal benefits.

See chart for different weight dogs.

Cowboy Brand Healthy Meat Snacks are etched for ease of breakage into small pieces for training or praise. They serve as a great training aid and nutritious reward for all stages of your pet’s life. Do not overfeed or replace your dog’s normal dog food with this product.

Crude Analysis of Cowboy Brand Meat Snacks

  • Protein - 21%
  • Fat - 21%
  • Fiber - 6%
  • Moisture - 21%

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